Under Shadows of Wisteria ( June 11, Monday).

Began to say morning and evening prayers after finishing my job since last week. On every weekdays I and my colleagues played together at a cathedral  in front of our office. After some discussions with a rector, we have changed the place to pray, because for newcomers our chapels are so far from a door that they cannot even find the way to the rooms.  We chose a dining room near the gate, put wooden cross and candles, said and sang the rites with a door open!

The services are not only for deepening our private prayers but also for consolidating and evangeling people living in this area. We have already met a few newcomers on praying time, and welcomed them with hospitality. One Nepali woman, who worked for a pub restaurant near our church, visited us on last Friday. She looked very tired and thirst for religious fraternity. We talked a lot, show her inside the building, and prayed for her quietly. Our cathedral must be our spiritual shelter. I would like to keep on the ministry as long as possible.

December 28, Wednesday

Visited Oyama retreat house in Tochigi prefecture.This building was used as a monastery of SSJE (Society of Saint John the Evangelist) until 1975 and belongs to Diocese of Northern Kanto now. There was a cemetry near the main building of that house, and I found some tombstones on which famous Japanese and American ministers’ name were inscribed. Many brothers, sisters, priests, and laypeople were resting in peace. I felt quietness filled with prayers and the Holy Spirit, standing in front of these gravestones.


October 14, Friday

Visited Ohiso city to attend the general conference of the association of social welfare organizations of Anglican Church in Japan.A representative of a fosters home in Chigasaki city reported on  a renovation plan of  their institution. After an excursion to the home, I was surprised and disappointed at the gap between his ideal and real situation children faced in their daily lives. Buildings were so small and old, and I could not even imagine how hard it was to live in the institution until his/ her 18 years old. We have to know much more about the poverty and sufferings of some children in Japan.