Hiroshima, August 8th

Please remember this day and pray for peace. we must not reproduce victims of atomic bombs.


Under Shadows of Wisteria ( June 11, Monday).

Began to say morning and evening prayers after finishing my job since last week. On every weekdays I and my colleagues played together at a cathedral  in front of our office. After some discussions with a rector, we have changed the place to pray, because for newcomers our chapels are so far from a door that they cannot even find the way to the rooms.  We chose a dining room near the gate, put wooden cross and candles, said and sang the rites with a door open!

The services are not only for deepening our private prayers but also for consolidating and evangeling people living in this area. We have already met a few newcomers on praying time, and welcomed them with hospitality. One Nepali woman, who worked for a pub restaurant near our church, visited us on last Friday. She looked very tired and thirst for religious fraternity. We talked a lot, show her inside the building, and prayed for her quietly. Our cathedral must be our spiritual shelter. I would like to keep on the ministry as long as possible.

December 28, Wednesday

Visited Oyama retreat house in Tochigi prefecture.This building was used as a monastery of SSJE (Society of Saint John the Evangelist) until 1975 and belongs to Diocese of Northern Kanto now. There was a cemetry near the main building of that house, and I found some tombstones on which famous Japanese and American ministers’ name were inscribed. Many brothers, sisters, priests, and laypeople were resting in peace. I felt quietness filled with prayers and the Holy Spirit, standing in front of these gravestones.